Healing Music

What does ‘ healing music’  actually mean ?

Musical scales themselves form sacred ‘geometry of sound’ or ‘mathematically harmonious intervals of vibration’. Various scales alone cause different emotional responses.


Real healing music has the ability to act as a catalyst, helping us connect with hidden emotions and move latent feelings through the system. On a more obvious level it activates a feeling of joy, deep relaxation ‘ letting go ‘ and elation, creating positive neurological activity and opening the heart.

Indian Raagas come from an ancient spiritual system of music designed to connect to the Anandamaya Kosher ( the bliss body ) for soul awakening and healing.

Different Raagas hold various emotions and feelings. That might be joy, introspection, pathos, devotion, awe of the divine/universe, romantic love, sadness and more.  Raagas are highly developed musical forms that often combine several emotions at once,  giving unique access to the many subtleties of feeling as well as  maiding emotional intelligence .  Raagas often  juxtapose emotions together, in the harmonious and subtle way that only music can manage .

The pureness of BANSURI’s sound has a deeply healing quality. Flutes have always been assosiated  with stirring the soul, its one reason why Shree Krishna holds a flute. Bansuris are low pitched and made from  long bamboo, their simplicity in form keeps the sound close to nature/ source.

Jason Kalidas uses the wide healing spectrum of Indian Raagas combined with  the healing tones of Bansuri, choosing suitable Raags for the occasion . His Bansuri music  floats above drones ( single pitch soundscapes ) of live Tampura (or sampled Tampura)  and often with analog  harmonic synthesis  .

Group music healing is done in music mediation sessions .

Individual music healing sessions are done with guided breath and mediations. Please contact Jason to arrange a  one to one  session.