Sangha ( Yogi gatherings)

UK and Europe Yogi community gatherings hosted by Jason KaliDas .

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Sharing on the yogic themes and  topics . Live music meditations ( Nada yoga) , group conscious breathing/ meditation  together, Kirtan chanting (Bhakti yoga ) and free chai!

This is a non-denominational event with no cult or spiritual organisation in the back ground !
Sangha means ‘association’ or ‘community’ of like minded souls on the path, or interseted in the paths of Yoga. Open to all that are looking for comunity and are interested in union.

In London  Sanghas is hosted by  Jason KaliDas and in london with Humble Warrior London. The intent to bring Yogis together and to share each others wisodom, understanding and energy.

The nights will include an open talk /sharing on yoga concepts/ phillosaphies, Indian classical music for Nada yoga meditation, chanting as well we will share loved up vegan spiced chai with time for hang out to meeting other yogis!

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