Jason Kalidas

Jason Kalidas is an Indian classically trained musician and facilitator of Nada and Bhakti yoga.

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Jason Kalidas gives Indian classical concerts/music meditations and hosts unique Yoga, healing sound and Bhakti events/retreats often in collaboration with select Yoga teachers. Jason has been on the path of Yoga and self enquiry since around 1995, he’s a dedicated Yoga practitioner as well as musician.

“Jason is a joy to play with; very fluid and harmonious on Bansuri, and tight and funky on Tablas! I was impressed…” CRAIG PRUESS

“Kalidas plays from the heart drum pulse of pure devotion” BHAGAVAN DAS

“Jason Kalidas emanates the spirit of devotion, and creates inspired musical fusions and productions” ARJUN BABA

“Jason Kalidas is a rock star tabla player who lifts the audience and matches the high energy vibe tastefully and further contributes with his flute” FANTUZZI

“J’s playing is simultaneously fluid and fiery, earthly and ethereal”  DAVE STRINGER

More on Jason and his journey into Indian classical music, Nada yoga and Bhatki….

14138820_1599980426961918_6726060855477331969_o 17973594_1170236096435731_8518294079310964051_oRAAGA (Indian classical music )…

Kalidas has studied Indian classical music at  sacred city and centre of learning, Varanasi since 1996. Beginning with  Tabla and then moving on to Bansuri.

Having firm roots in Nada yoga  (yoga of sound), Indian classical music is seen as a spiritual path in its own right. Jason Kalidas performs throughout the world giving Indian classical concerts on Bansuri flute with master Tabla players, as well as solo Nada yoga/ music mediation concerts using the healing sound of Bansuri and often with harmonically rich soundscapes from beautiful Moog analog synthesis.

562895_167927243333293_1799692469_n (1)562407_142040419255309_1763365374_n      Bhakti Yoga…

India’s primary form of Yoga is Bhakti – The Yoga of devotion. Jason has been traveling back and forth to India since 1991, learning music, spending time in Ashrams and absorbing ancient Vedic/ Tantric culture.

Within Kirtan-chant, Kalidas began a deepened his  immersion in Bhakti Yoga  in 2006, touring Europe in musical collaboration with legendary Kirtan-chant singer Bhagavan Das  of the iconic book ‘be here now’ fame.

Kalidas went on to be immersed in global Bhakti ‘scene’ and played countless Kirtans through Europe and USA with Arjun baba and Dave stringer and many more. Kalidas spent many years absorbing  Bhakti Yoga and its practice of using the magic of Mantra combined with music. In workshops and classes Kalidas humbly shares some knowledge from the limitless ocean of Bhakti 

fullsizeoutput_105 Luc&Jason_28... …YOGA and SOUND ( Nada)

Since 2006 Kalidas has been bringing yoga and live music together It began when while touring yoga centres giving kirtans, Kalidas was often spontaneously requested to give sound baths of Bansuri flute for yoga students while in  Savasana (final relaxation at end of yogasession). From the highly positive feedback Jason  began to develop unique Yoga and Sacred sound workshops which grew into retreats.

Kalidas has co-hosted many retreats and workshops and supported plenty of  Yoga sessions with sacred sound.

Some of the teachers Kalidas has collaborated with on retreats and workshops and supported with Live music are listed here:  Isaac Mullins Charlie Kelly, Teddi DeviCéline Fraefel, Chetana thornton Kristen Watson-GerringRegina gambarte,  Mariam Askari,  Lisa sanfilippoJaye martin Ross rayburn,  Naomi Absalom, Christina may, Sienna sherman , Sharon gannon, Shiva rea Emma Henry and many more Some renowned centres

Kalidas has held Yoga and sacred sound workshops :Sángye (London), TriYoga (London),  Virayoga (NYC), Abhaya Yoga (NYC), YamYoga, (Munich) Mandala (Sofia)  RasaYoga (Paris ) The looking Glass ( Basel),  DayaYoga (Bern), BhaktiYoga Shalla (Los Angeles), Antwerp yoga (Antwerp), PowerYoga (Hamburg) YamYoga (Munich)


Jason is an advanced Asana practitioner and has studied in depth with teachers like Zhenja la Rosa and more. While touring many Yoga studios he had the opportunity to try many styles of Yoga asana, which helped to develop comprehensive work with Yoga and music/sound.