Indian Raagas

One translation of Raaga means ‘to colour mind ‘ . But this is expands to infusing the atmosphere with emotion and giving us access to deep emotions with the heart .

Here is a clip of just one of many many Raagas within Indian classical music. 

Raagas are musical ‘ entities’ each with their particular emotion or set of mixed emotions. Many are set to the various  times of the day and night and also  some for certain seasons . Within Indian classical music there are many many Raagas and a musician selects a Raag in his repertoire that he feels suitable for the situation .  Practically speaking each Raaga has a set scale and theme – almost like an extremely  flexible song with a huge range of almost endless possiblitys to improvise within the particular frame of the Raag.

In performance a Raaga is shown with a big scope of speeds and rhythm . Beginning with non rhythmic ‘ free time’  improvisation to establish the emotion and feeling into full complexity of rhythm and timing played with Tabla accompaniment.