‘ASANA- NADA’  experience / workshop

Yoga and beats (‘Tabla vinyasa’), Mantra, followed by Music meditation on Bansuri and more


This workshop, carefully designed by Jason Kalidas, is a working synergy of healing sound (nada yoga), Asana and simple Mantra singing. The combination of these Yogic practices enhance each other, and bring us further into connection with our own being.

The workshop sequence is as follows .


TABLA VINYASA – Rhythmic inspired Asana

During this section Jason works intuitively  with select yoga instructors  to create a unique synergy of Tabla beats, Vinyasa sequences and breath.

Live Tabla beats are synchronised with the pace of the sequence and rhythmically weave breath and movement together, focusing the mind  as well as adding an energising ‘groove’ experience to Yoga . Expect a highly focused class that builds in energy


Bija mantras 

After the Asana session or bodies are open and the mind is  in higher state of awareness, which is perfect for using the voice for some simple mantra singing .

We sit on around the harmonium for a simple toning session on vowel sounds and Bija mantra of the chakras.


Bansuri and harmonic soundcapes 

Now with activated and relaxed body and mind we can  receive enhanced benefits of an immersion in healing sound.  Bansuri (Indian classical flute) and live harmonic soundscapes take us on a sensorial while deeply meditative journey, clearing the mind and bringing awareness into the emotional body.

Sound immersion will be in restorative postures, sitting meditation and finally Savasana


Tabla beats a generally around 150BPM which fits the natural pace vinyasa / breath rhythm 

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